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Come Along For FREE And Discover The Secrets Of...

  • The 7-Steps In Naomi’s Winning Rapid Renovation Formula™ With Specific And Important Tips For Each.
  • Discover Why Renovating Old Properties Can Boost Your Property Investment Portfolio Faster Than Traditional Ways.
  • How To Practically Guarantee A Profit Every Time You Renovate By Targeting The Correct Suburbs With Low Risk Property Renovation.
  • Naomi’s 6 Top Money-Making Interior Design Colour Schemes And Why You Should Not Risk Using Out-Dated Colours In Today’s Rapidly Changing Property Market!
  • ‘Space Medicine Technology’ – This Groundbreaking Concept Is So Powerful That Buyers And Renters Will Have No Idea Why They Want To Pay More!
  • ‘The Sweet Spot’ – Never Again Overspend Or Underspend On A Project, And Ensure You Optimise The Right Amount Of Work For Maximum Return.
  • ‘Styling Your Property’ – The Almost Magical Way To Sell Your Finished Renovation Project For The Highest Price Possible.
  • And Much, Much More...
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Check Out These Results From Naomi’s 110 Renovation Projects...

before and after revating for wealth before and after revating for wealth
before and after revating for wealth before and after revating for wealth
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Stuart Zadel - Best-Selling Author and CEO Zadel Property Education Pty Ltd

Dear Friend,

Imagine what you could do if you had access to the Rapid Renovation Formula™ that is making 6-figure incomes for regular Australians just like you.

How much would this information be worth to you?

How drastically would your life and income improve by using just a few of the proven secrets for rapid wealth creation in renovating property, YOU will discover from Naomi Findlay?

People with no experience and/or renovation skills are making profits they never thought possible after listening to Naomi.

... So what would happen if you had full access to the same formula they are using to succeed?

Would you like – a brand new car, a new home, a holiday home, or a secure financial future?

You could have all of this despite your credit, your work status, education, experience, or the amount of money in your bank account.

Would you like all this – almost immediately?

If so, then keep reading...

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The Sad Financial Reality That May Await You

Let’s face it...

Most people dream of a life they never get to live.

Living a live of ‘quiet desperation’ as opposed to the life you deserve, where money is not an issue.

... Where you have the freedom and financial means to do anything you want.

You may dream of a life where you have no boss, no one looking over your shoulder, and where your income is unlimited... So you can buy all the cars, houses, vacations, clothes and meals out that you want.

... For most people though – this dream never happens.

FACT:36% of people live below the poverty line when they retire... Will You?

And many more are just about scraping by after a lifetime of hard work. Pretty grim right?

The Sydney Morning Herald reported just recently that:

‘More Australians than ever before intend to work beyond 70, as Generation X-errs and Baby Boomers fear they lack the financial security needed to retire any sooner.’

The reason you can end up in such financial dire straits is because most people don’t have a strategy to succeed.

Or never choose a strategy at all.

Or they choose the wrong strategy... one that takes too long to make life-changing money with.

Why Rapid Renovation Can Give You The Cash
And The Lifestyle You Are Dreaming Of...


ustralia is jam-packed full of properties that are just waiting for you to transform for a tidy quick turn-around profit. You can do it in just a few weeks with some basic property renovation and home improvement knowledge.


Most people don’t realise there are roughly 15,000 suburbs in Australia. There is a tonne of opportunity to make money in many of these suburbs if you know what you’re doing and have the right information.

(But Be Warned) Many suburbs are also not good for property renovation or home improvement. As a student of Naomi's YOU will discover which ones are Prime for Profit and which ones you need to AVOID like the plague.

Renovation (done with the Rapid Renovation Formula™) is a great way to make life-changing income...

Here’s why...

  • YOU CAN MAKE MONEY IN TOUGH MARKETS – with less competition for houses, it’s possible to acquire them below market value. You can also often get tradies to work for less and they are more available.
  • YOU CAN MAKE MONEY IN SOFT MARKETS – where supplies typically often cheaper to come by as shops are quieter and sales are everywhere – allowing you can lock in even more profit.
  • YOU DON’T NEED MONEY TO INVEST – Discover no money down strategies for making profits with none of your own cash.
  • YOU DON’T NEED RENOVATION EXPERIENCE OR BUSINESS KNOW-HOW/EDUCATION – You will discover how to surround yourself with a loyal team that will do all the hard work for you.

    “In today’s investment climate, renovating for profit is one of the only ways to manufacture both capital growth and cashflow”

    Says Patrick Bright, Buyer’s Agent and author of The Insider’s Guide to Renovating for Profit.

  • YOU CAN SUCCEED WHERE YOU MAY OF FAILED BEFORE – If YOU tried to renovate for profit before and never made any money or worse yet – lost money – Naomi’s strategy is near fool-proof when followed correctly.
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3 MASSIVE Unfair Advantages You Get With
The Rapid Renovation Formula™...


Naomi is a master of design, layout and functionality that creates a burning ‘buying desire’ in anyone for your property. Most of the simple design, layout and functionality techniques she teaches operate on a completely subconscious level in the buyers mind... making them much more likely to buy from You.

For example, Naomi will share with you insights into her 6 top money-making interior design colour schemes and fixtures & fittings templates. (Top Interior Designers like Naomi can charge $4,000 for just one of these).

Once you have access to the Rapid Renovation Formula™, you can simply apply Naomi’s design, functional and layout ideas to any property you acquire – to ensure the highest sale price (or valuation) on sale day.

Do not risk out-dated colour schemes in today’s rapidly changing market, they’ll cost you money.

Naomi also uses the cutting-edge concept of ‘space medicine’ (using elements of nature and natural light in interior design), to create renovated living spaces that draw people in and create a powerful ‘buying urge’ and a better quality of life for your buyers and tenants.

Nobody is teaching this ‘space medicine’ concept and it’s invaluable for selling quickly and getting a higher price for your property. Plus you will be enriching people’s living experience in their homes.

You will discover how to apply ‘space medicine’ to all areas of your property like the kitchen, bathroom, and overall floor plan to attract a hoard a hungry buyers.


Choosing a ‘Bust’ location to renovate in will break your heart and your bank balance. It also takes a lot of time and effort to research the right suburb for your home renovation. This is valuable time you could be spending renovating for profit.

The ‘Rapid Renovator Suburb Report’ is there to save you all that precious time and money that could be lost from renovating in the wrong location.

The report was compiled by John Lindeman (Australia’s Leading EXPERT Property Market Analyst) and can only be accessed when you have the Rapid Renovation Formula™.

This report is a real game-changer if you want to AVOID losing money and boost your chances of doing one winning, profitable renovation after another.


Naomi will show you how to effortlessly put just the right amount of work into every property renovation and home remodelling project. That means you get the maximum return on your property investment every time. Finding this balance or ‘SWEETSPOT’ is very tough for beginners going it alone – but super quick and easy to master when Naomi shows you how.

Naomi Findlay - Renowned Renovation Expert

Just Who Is Naomi Findlay?

(The Master Rapid Renovator)

Naomi Findlay PhD is a former Medical Radiation Scientist turned property expert, renovator and rapid renovation for wealth EXPERT.

9 years ago – she got tired of trading her time for money – so she started making money quickly with simple renovation strategies.

Naomi took all her analytical training and scientific background and actually created an exact ‘FORMULA’ for a winning renovation strategy that nearly guarantees profits when followed step-by-step. And the best part is... it’s super easy and simple to follow.

Now she teaches thousands of Australians every year, how to do the EXACT same thing.

Naomi has a detailed knowledge of interiors, layouts and functionality of properties that make up the difference between losing money renovating... and generating life-changing profit.

She’s an EXPERT on exactly what a property should look like (inside and out) to get the highest offers through. She’s an expert on how to build loyal teams of tradies that will maximise your chances of success. And that’s just for starters!

Just Some Of The Awards Naomi Has Been Recognised For Recently...

- Top 5 Stylist Worldwide 2015 -

- ‘Ausmumpreneur’
Business Excellence 2016 -

- Telstra Australian Business Women Of The Year Nominee 2016 -

Naomi Findlay Awards
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8 Reasons You Should Listen To And Trust Naomi Findlay To Help You Renovate For Rapid Profits The Right Way...

  1. She was voted Top 5 Home Stylists in the World in the US
  2. She is a regular EXPERT contributor to (Australia’s leading property website)
  3. She is a featured industry expert on alongside reality TV personality Baz Dubois (from the Living Room)
  4. She is a featured property expert on Australia’s largest interiors blog
  5. She has been a part of more than 110 RENOVATION PROJECTS and currently works with over 250 home owners each year to create beautiful, healthy and wealthy spaces to maximise the value of their properties for sale or rent using her Rapid Renovation Formula™
  6. She was a Finalist and runner up in the Ausmumprenuer of the Year in 2016
  7. She is a contributing author or guest expert in various print and digital media outlets, including Your Investment Property Magazine, Smart Property Investment, Complete Home, Interiors Addict, Reno Addict, Home Beautiful,, The Daily Telegraph, She Knows and Women’s Agenda... to name but a few!
  8. She has MENTORED experts and high profile personalities in the field of renovation, home staging and real estate investing

If I showed you other people, just like you, who are making life-changing income from the Rapid Renovation Formula™... Would you at least believe it is possible for you?

before and after revating for wealth before and after revating for wealth
before and after revating for wealth before and after revating for wealth
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WARNING: Why You Should NOT Renovate Without Coming to See And Listen To Naomi First...

Following what you see on TV can be very costly...

Following what you see on TV, as in many property renovation shows, can be seriously bad for your bank balance. The bottom line is that reality shows are there to entertain you with a good story.

These programs leave out vital details that can seriously trip you up financially if you are not aware of them.

Crucial details of expenses are normally not highlighted or left out like Stamp duty, GST on the sale, Demolition, Marketing and Agents’ fees etc.

Without having an Expert to guide you through these expenses, you can make a life-changing costly mistake.

MOST ‘Go-It-Alone Renovators’ Struggle To Sell Their Property...

Imagine spending weeks and months of your time and thousands of dollars on a renovation only to struggle like hell to sell it... Stressful or What? Yet this is the reality for most ‘go-it-alone renovators’... WHO HAVE NO TRAINING.

When you go to sell your property you have to make sure your buyer connects with it. Most ‘go-it-alone renovators’ get this part DEAD WRONG.

When people go-it-alone... Buyer’s frequently do not connect with the colour schemes and decor and do not buy. Most people have no idea what went wrong as they haemorrhage money by holding onto a property they can’t sell.

Another massive mistake people with no training make is creating a great open floor space and then giving no thought to how the space is to be used... The result?... Potential buyers do not see themselves living in the property and you have a really hard time selling it.

Naomi will give you tools to create emotional triggers in potential buyers using her unique ‘space medicine techniques’ where she shows you simple design elements you can use to trigger deep buying urges in anyone.

Plus don’t forget – with the Rapid Renovation Formula™, you’ll make sure your property is located in the right suburb to maximise its chances of selling with the Rapid Renovator Suburb Reports.

Why Is Naomi Sharing This Life-Changing Information With You?

Simple: My mission in life and at Zadel Property Education is to make as many Australians financially free as possible.

Naomi is part of my hand-selected Mastermind Team of Experts to make that happen.

Some other goals we have here at Zadel Property education are to do the following:


Inspire A Community Of 1,000 Financially Abundant Australians – Will You Be Next?

Inpired 100,000 people

Inspire 100,000 People Live At Our Events - 67,229 (as of January 2017)

book distibution

Inspire Through The Distribution Of 1,000,000 Books - 601,989 (as of January 2017)

Worthwhile cause

Inspire The Contribution Of $1,000,000 To Worthwhile Causes - $459,191 (as of January 2017)

Tree Planting

Inspire The Planting Of 1,000,000 Trees In Australian Soil - 45,198 planted (as of January 2017)

By attending this event you’ll automatically be helping me move towards my goals and in return, I believe I can add massive value to your life.

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Naomi Findlay On Stage

The Last ‘Renovation For Profit’ Seminar You Ever Need To Attend

I know you may be out there attending different seminars on property investment and that’s great. This is the last one you will need to look at though, and here’s why...

No other teacher out there can give you access to the Exact Formula to follow for success and profit in less time.

The Rapid Renovation Formula™ is second to none and has the power to deliver predictable profits time and time again for YOU.

Forget about taking separate courses on design, staging, property research, home improvement or property renovation techniques.

Absolutely everything you need is covered inside the Rapid Renovation Formula™ for you to succeed.


You’ll Be Taken By The Hand And Shown Exactly What It Takes, Step-By-Step, To Succeed As A Rapid Renovator

Obviously no one is going to do all of the work for you.

You’ll need to listen to Naomi and adopt her formula for renovating quickly and easily for profit...

Then you’ll want to repeat the process until your passive income grows large enough that you never have to worry about money ever again.

And, if you’re willing to do that, (to spend a few hours to start creating the life of your dreams)... if you’ll try something new — you’ll find it to be the closest thing to an Exact Science as ever existed for making serious money renovating.

Forget Struggle And Overwhelm

You could of course go out there and try to find all this information yourself.

That could take years though... as it took Naomi many years to put all this information together.

And even if you spent months and months researching and even more months losing money because of missed important details – how would you even now you had something close to what Naomi can offer you?

It’s a no brainer. You now have a chance to follow in the footsteps of someone who has had scores of successful renovations behind them.

Someone who can guide you to that freedom and financial independence and lifestyle you are after.

What Your Life Could Look Like After This...

FREE 2-Hour Seminar

Imagine not having to work for a living...

Imagine having no boss to answer to and being the master of your own destiny…

Imagine never having to work for money ever again because you have more cash than you can spend.

And your future is secure. Your family’s future is secure...

This is what your life could look like after your time with Naomi.

Your life can be one exciting, highly profitable Reno project after another.

And unlike other programs or strategies... you will now have a renovation formula you can rely on to deliver predictable profits time after time.

Pretty sweet hey?

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Here’s A “Sneak Preview” Of What You’ll Discover At This FREE 2-Hour Event:

  • How to create your personal strategy for success in renovation. Successful renovation is a science. The profits are nearly 100% predictable when you follow an exact strategy. Most people fall at this first fence and have no strategy, and end up losing money.
  • How to build a team of people around you who will bend over backwards to make sure your projects finish on time and in profit – all the time.
  • The 6 most important checks you need to make on every renovation project you take on – If you want it to be profitable that is.
  • THE #1 SECRET to formulating a fool-proof renovation plan that delivers almost guaranteed profits like clockwork – as long as you follow the formula.
  • WARNING: most people make a series of massive mistakes when renovating that can lead them to financial disaster. Find out the key mistakes you need to avoid.
  • The AMAZING SECRETS of renovating in a way that you can be certain people will love and pay you money when your project is finished.
  • How to HOOK YOUR BUYER’S ATTENTION and desire to buy from you after renovation by using ‘space medicine’ to create certain highly potent ‘buyer emotions’.
  • Did you know that a one-size-fits-all plan for renovations simply doesn’t work and makes most renovators lose money? YOU will discover why.
  • Insights into THE 3 RENOVATION PLANS you need for every property so you maximise your chances of success with every renovation.
  • The ‘must do’ list for every property you work on and how and why you absolutely need one if you want to succeed in renovation.
  • 3 of the TEN PRACTICALLY UNKNOWN bargaining chips you can use when bidding on a property to get yourself the best price possible.
  • The correct way to build a team of loyal tradies who will finish your job on time every time – so you can lock in a faster profit.
  • 5 things YOU must know about styling your property for a quick and easy sell. You will not get these tips anywhere else.
  • Exactly how to use the Rapid Renovation Formula™ to generate profits from all the renovations you do.
  • 4 quick and easy ways to make money from the Rapid Renovation Formula™ – even if you have no experience in property renovation.
  • How you can benefit from using specialised renovation software... so you keep the project on time and make a profit every time.
  • The 4 foundations you must have to building a successful and highly profitable renovation business. Most people have none of these and fail in their efforts to make money.
  • The 7 key steps you must know to renovate for wealth – including how to find a project, planning and managing the renovation, connecting with the buyer and how to make more money on auction day.
  • How to use ‘Space Medicine’ when planning your renovations to maximise the profits you make.
  • Why ‘Property Styling’ is so important to your renovation and how to maximise your profit using it.
  • How to get access to the “Best Renovation Suburb Report” where you get to access the best suburbs to renovate in – so you maximise your profits and minimise your losses.
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Here’s The Good News... And The Bad News.

First, the good news.

This information is 100% unique to this event – the life-changing information from Naomi will NOT be found anywhere else. Guaranteed.

What You Will Discover Gives You A Totally Unfair Advantage In Property Renovation. For Real. I’m Serious...

Despite what you may have heard in the past from others, or in the media about renovation and property prices, imagine discovering a renovation strategy that only successful people ‘in the know’ are using to make life-changing profits... Play your cards right and follow the strategy – and you will make some serious coin in the coming months.

And the bad news??

Seating Is Severely Limited

– You Need To Act Now To Secure Your Place.

The bottom line is Naomi’s information is highly sought after in this industry.

She only does a couple of events like this in the year and considering the profits that can be made from her information... places get taken up fast.

There are 90 spots only at this event and many of them have been taken up already... And once they are gone – that’s it.

So Here’s What To Do Now

Make sure to act now. Hit the Secure Your FREE Seat button and make sure you are there in February to see Naomi Findlay LIVE.

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New Way to Make Money In Property and 21 Commong Mistakes renovators make Bonus


And Get These FAST ACTION Bonuses Absolutely Free!

Decide to attend this powerful 2-Hour LIVE event and you’ll get a brand-new physical copy of the best selling 4th edition book “The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast!”.

This book features a dedicated chapter on Naomi’s Rapid Renovation Formula, and will serve as an excellent take-home gift.

You’ll also receive Naomi’s brand new and exclusive DVD “21 Common Mistakes Renovators Make... And How To Avoid Them!” On this DVD, Naomi takes her teaching one step further by not only sharing the 21 most common mistakes renovators make, but also her personal advice on how to avoid them. You’ll discover that a renovation done the right way isn’t just throwing a lick of paint on the walls and ripping out that old, grungy carpet. There’s an ‘art and science’ to renovating for profit, whether it's your own home, or an investment property!

Special BONUS Alert
VIP Upgrade Still Available!

If you’re serious about your freedom and financial independence and discovering the very best renovation strategies available in the market today, then for the cost of less than a few cups of coffee, this exclusive offer is one you surely won’t want to miss.


VIP Bonuses Include:

Bonus 1 Renovate for Profit ROI Video Series - 4-part video series - valued at $99

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Bonus 4 Styling Hacks 101 - 29 page eBook and 8 page Cheat Sheet - valued at $99

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Bonus 6 Clutter and Control References - valued at $25

Total value = $468!

REGISTER NOW – become a VIP GUEST and after you attend the event, you'll get these incredible VIP Bonuses delivered direct to your inbox!

This VIP Upgrade Pack offers more than $450 Worth of Bonuses, including Naomi’s 4-Part ‘Renovate for Profit ROI’ video series plus her 5-Part ‘Sell Your Property For More’ video series, AND Naomi’s ‘Top 12 Things To Look For When Buying A Quick Flip Renovator’ eBook AND her ‘Styling Hacks 101’ eBook (with Cheatsheets) AND her full ‘De-clutter Program’ – all for just $17*.

But you must HURRY! Only 25% of the room is set aside for these very special VIP Upgrade tickets.

* NOTE: Your VIP Upgrade investment of just $17 is non-refundable and non-transferable.



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Your Choice...

You can of course do nothing here.

In which case you will get the same results you are currently getting.

I guess if you’re on this page right now though... you are looking for a different result. You are looking to tap into the wealth and lifestyle and long term security that renovation done the right way can bring into your life.

You could of course go out there and try to learn all this stuff yourself.

But as I said already... how long would that take? And how would you even know you had the right info?

The choice here is simple. Success or failure.

Simply hit the Secure Your Free Seat button below right now and come along to see Naomi Live. Your life will never be the same afterwards... guaranteed.

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Stop Dreaming And Start Doing!

Remember today’s date. From this day forward, you are making a decision to claim the life of financial freedom you deserve.

When you see Naomi speak live you’ll begin the process of making incredible amounts of cash from real estate renovation in as little as a few months... if not a lot sooner!

Any Delay Makes It Much Harder To Succeed

Look, we both know old habits are hard to break. Being broke, just getting by, or doing ‘ok’ but wishing for financial freedom are all just habits. And they are habits YOU can break today.

It all starts with you deciding to take action. One simple step is all it takes to break the bad habit of lack of money to make your dreams and long term security a reality.

You coming along to see Naomi speak for FREE is the first simple step you can take towards your financial freedom. You risk absolutely nothing. Hit the Secure Your FREE Seat button now.

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To Your Success,

Stuart Zadel - CEO Zadel Property Education

PS. Maybe you’ve got somebody in your life that you can picture right now that thinks you’re a “dreamer” for wanting to live the financially free lifestyle of a property renovator. I guess if you don’t come along to this free 2-Hour event they’ve been right all along – you are just a “dreamer”. Is that right? Nah, I don’t think so... I think perhaps there’s more to you than that, and you just need the right help and guidance. If so, click here now, secure your seat, and let Naomi Findlay show you how to create a radically different lifestyle in 2017 as a rapid renovator.

PPS. Remember: Due to popular demand, ALL tickets for these events are extremely limited. Act now – secure your seat before it’s too late!

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* All content and information provided at the Event is general advice and for educational purposes only. If you wish to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy then you should consult a financial adviser to fully understand the risks associated with that course of action in your particular circumstances.

* The results performance represented on this website is historical; past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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