Australia's Leading Renovation Expert Reveals
How I Make A 6-Figure Income Renovating Property… And How You Can Too!
Australia's Rapid Renovation Expert Naomi Findlay
 The exact step-by-step formula Naomi uses to create profits of $40K... $50K... and even $60K per renovation, and more, on each and every renovation she tackles.

✓ Key insights into Naomi’s 7-step system to laser-target the right properties with the potential to deliver maximum profit for you on every project… right from the time you begin your search and select a property to the actual renovation… and final sale.

✓ How to systemise and outsource 90% of every last aspect of your renovation business so you have highly leveraged income with very part-time effort!
Registrations for the Renovation LIVE events close in (while seats last!):
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Forget negative-gearing, passive investing, and wishful ‘buy-hold-hope-and-pray’ strategies…
... Take advantage of a step-by-step formula to transform tired, old properties for massive profits, huge rental increases and fast capital growth, that could set you up for life with a $100,000.00+ annual income renovation business… in the next 90 days.

That’s exactly what wife and mother of four, Naomi Findlay did. And now, for the first and final time this year, in a dedicated, Live tour, she will reveal her renovation secrets.

In This 2-Hour Event You Will Discover:
  • The 7-Steps In Naomi’s Winning Rapid Renovation Formula™ With Specific And Important Tips For Each
  • Discover Why Renovating Old Properties Can Boost Your Property Investment Portfolio Faster Than Traditional Ways 
  • How To Practically Guarantee A Profit Every Time You Renovate By Targeting The Correct Suburbs With Low-Risk Property Renovation 
  • Naomi’s 6 Top Money-Making Interior Design Colour Schemes And Why You Should Not Risk Using Out-Dated Colours In Today’s Rapidly Changing Property Market! 
  • ‘The Sweet Spot’ – Never Again Overspend Or Underspend On A Project, And Ensure You Optimise The Right Amount Of Work For Maximum Return. 
  • ‘Space Medicine Technology’ – This Ground-Breaking Concept Is So Powerful That Buyers And Renters Will Have No Idea Why They Want To Pay More! 
  • ‘Styling Your Property’ – The Almost Magical Way To Sell Your Finished Renovation Project For The Highest Price Possible. 

    And much, much more!
This is your only chance in 2018 to soak up Naomi’s expertise in a live format. So you must ACT NOW as this tour will book out.
Below is a sample of recent profits Naomi and some of her graduates have made...
​​Bought For $295,269
Sold For $447,242
Profit $54,560
In Just 6 Weeks!
​​Pre-Reno Value $185,000
Sold For $245,000
Profit $51,000
In Just 4 Weeks!
​​Bought For $366,000
Sold For $575,000
Profit $42,810
In Just 10 Weeks!
​​Bought For $205,000
Sold For $263,000
Profit $28,810
In Just 5 Weeks!
And These Results From
Some ​Of Naomi's Students...
​​Bought For $705,000
Sold For $1,526,000
Profit $440,000
In Just 16 Weeks!
Bought For $312,000
Sold For $495,000
Profit $118,000
In Just 6 Weeks!
​​Bought For $420,000
Sold For $590,000
Profit $54,563
In Just 6 Weeks!
​​Bought For $370,000
Sold For $466,568
Profit $40,981
In Just 6 Weeks!
Meet Naomi
Naomi Findlay PhD is a former Medical Radiation Scientist turned property expert, renovator and rapid renovation for wealth EXPERT.
9 years ago – she got tired of trading her time for money – so she started making money quickly with simple renovation strategies.

Naomi took all her analytical training and scientific background and actually created an exact ‘FORMULA’ for a winning renovation strategy that nearly guarantees profits when followed step-by-step. And the best part is... it’s super easy and simple to follow.

Now she teaches thousands of Australians every year, how to do the EXACT same thing.

Naomi has a detailed knowledge of interiors, layouts and functionality of properties that make up the difference between losing money renovating... and generating life-changing profit.

She’s an EXPERT on exactly what a property should look like (inside and out) to get the highest offers through. She’s an expert on how to build loyal teams of tradies that will maximise your chances of success. And that’s just for starters!
Now Listen To This…
Whilst we could easily charge $97 per ticket for this event, Naomi is on a mission to turbo-charge the way Australians make money and invest in property and that’s why we’ve decided to give away 90 FREE tickets to this once-off event.

You now have the opportunity to spend 2 full hours with Naomi Findlay at our Live events where you will get to soak up all of her years of experience (hard-won through trial and error over an incredible 114 renovations), on how to make money renovating with less time and effort.
But Fair Warning...
Because Naomi believes every child has the right to an education, she has committed to building 3 schools in Cambodia later this year. As a result, her time is severely limited, so this will be an East-Coast Tour only. This will also be your last chance to discover this strategy Live from Naomi on stage this year. We are confident these events will book out. So book your FREE seats right now, while you still can.
  •  Free Physical Book Bonus
Sell Your Property For More Money (RRP $29.99)
Discover new ways to make money when selling your property with your very own physical copy of Naomi Findlay's latest book!
"Sell Your Property for More Money" is jam-packed full of all the information you need to know about presenting your property in a way that it will sell for more!

Naomi's book is divided into nine chapters to increase your ability to process the most important elements of Home Staging.

Attend the event and you'll receive your very own physical copy of Sell Your Property For More Money (RRP $29.99) and discover:

✓ What Home Staging actually is & why Home Staging is important in the real estate market

✓ What decluttering actually is & why it is important and how to strike the right balance

✓ What rooms need to be accentuated in the property when selling

✓ How to know what areas of a property need an upgrade & how

And much, much more!
  •  Free Digital Checklist Bonus
Ultimate Property Inspection Checklist (RRP $97.00)
Never forget a detail with your very own downloadable and printable, Ultimate Property Inspection Checklist (RRP $97.00).

If you've ever been unsure about what details to remember or just want something to keep track of your property hunt, this is the tool for you!

Simply print your checklist and take it along to your next inspection. Use it to plan costs for maintenance and to negotiate sale price with agents, so you can choose the right property, first time, every time!

Attend the event and you'll receive your very own copy of the Ultimate Property Inspection Checklist (RRP $97.00) delivered digitally, direct to your inbox immediately after the event.
2nd June 2018
Start: 09:30
Finish: 11:30
(Registration from 09:00)
Brisbane Mercure Hotel
(Leichhardt / Wills Room)
85-87 North Quay, Brisbane QLD 4000
3rd June 2018
Start: 09:30
Finish: 11:30
(Registration from 09:00)
Bayview Eden Hotel
(Parkside 4 Room)
6 Queens Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004
5th June 2018
Start: 18:30
Finish: 20:30
(Registration from 18:00)
Sydney Masonic Centre
(Ionic Room)
66 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000
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